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Photo by Daniel Korbel, Verein Kuffner Sternwarte. Click for full image (875 kB).

Friday, May 12, 2006

Kuffner Observatory
Klaudia Einhorn and Andy Chwatal welcome the participants at the registration desk
Günther Wuchterl, president of the Verein Kuffner Sternwarte, welcomes the participants of MACE 2006
Christoph Goldmann, Superman of the LOC
Hermann Mucke
Rudolf Dvorak
Monty Robson and Peter Birtwhistle
Maria Eugenia Sansaturio
Sergio Foglia
Ireneusz Wlodarczyk
Pawel Kankiewicz
Florian Freistetter
Participants enjoy the fine weather during a break
Augusto Testa, Francesco Manca and Andrea Milani
Christine and Gerard Faure, Raoul Behrend, Stefano Sposetti
Klaudia Einhorn and Günther Wuchterl
Vienna University Observatory at dusk
Double Astrograph at the University Observatory
Our guide, Thomas Posch, cites Johann Palisa
Eric Elst and Edwin Goffin
Inside the main dome
Observing with the 27'' refractor
Cristovao Jacques observes Saturn, while Gianni Galli queues up
The Moon and Jupiter rise over the Vienna University Observatory

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell
Andrea Milani
Reiner Stoss, with Palomar Schmidt plate
Jaime Nomen inspects a fragment of a broken Schmidt plate
Ernesto Guido and Giovanni Sostero remotely oberving comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, while Aldo Vitagliano checks his e-mails in the Internet Café.
Raoul Behrend, interviewed by Michael Jensen from Jensens Radio
Language barrier
(No, this is not the warning sign in front of a particularly bad restaurant, but rather the sign of a restaurant at a public open air bath - in German, "Bad" means "bath"...)
Reiner Stoss, Jaime Nomen, Edwin Goffin, Stefano Sposetti, Salvador Sanchez, Eric Elst, Herbert Raab, Armin Faltl, Tom Alderweireldt and Gerard Faure enjoy Viennese slow food
Christian Koeberl
André Knöfel
Peter Veres
Cristovao Jacques
Aldo Vitagliano
Raoul Behrend
Günther Wuchterl, Klaudia Einhorn, Christop Goldmann, happy about the naming of minor planet (12568) Kuffner
At the Heurigen "10er Marie"
Italians taste some white and red wine...
...while others take a beer or two.
Jens Kandler, Bernd Brinkmann, Werner Hasubick, Michael Parl, André Knöfel
Salvador Sanchez, Genny Sansaturio, Oscar Arratia, Juan Lacruz, Jaime Nomen, Reiner Stoss
Günther Wuchterl, Roger Dymock, Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell, Richard Miles, Petr Pravec, Korado Korlevic
Buffet at the Heurigen

Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Did they really dare to cut the lens of the Heliometer in two...?"
Inside the main dome of the Kuffner Observatory
The main instrument of the Kuffner Observatory, a photographic/visual double refractor
Richard Miles, Aleksandar Cikota and Reiner Stoss on the catwalk
Transit instrument
Günther Wuchterl at the meridian circle of the Kuffner Observatory
Monty Robson, Roger Dymock, Richard Miles, Robin Lauryssen-Mitchell and Christian Kjaernet
Raoul Behrend, Edwin Goffin, Tom Alderweireldt and Stefano Sposetti
Petr Pravec
Giovanni Sostero
Ljuban Jerosimic
Aleksandar Cikota
Richard Miles
Armin Faltl
The Natural History Museum, a palace for natural sciences and education
Monty Robson and Peter Birtwhistle take a close look at some space rocks
A 900 kg iron meteorite from Youndegin, Australia
Reiner Stoss and Korado Korlevic bid farewell to Vienna

Images courtesy of B. Brinkmann, G. Faure, K. Korlevic, H. Raab, and R. Stoss.

More images by Tom Alderweireldt, Daniel Korbel, and Korado Korlevic.

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