Private Observatory Meyer/Obermair

Davidschlag near Linz, Austria
(IAU Observatory Code: 540 Linz)

The private observatory Meyer/Obermair was built in 1978/79 by Erich Meyer and Erwin Obermair in Davidschlag, about 30km north of Linz, Austria. The observatory is located at 14° 16' 31" E, 48° 26' 33" N, 815 m above sea level.

Until 1983, the 4.5m plastic dome housed a 0.3m f/4.5 Newtonian reflector. From 1983 until 1999, the observatory was equipped with a 0.29m f/5.2 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope In October 1999, a new computer controlled 0.6m f/3.3 refelctor on a innovative fork mount was installed. Information on this telescope is available here.

Observatory Dome     0.6m f/3.3 reflector

Left: The 4.5 meter observatory dome (Click for larger image)
Right: The new 0.6m f/3.3 refelctor (Click for larger image)

The observatory is mainly used for astrometric observations of unusual minor planets and comets. A list of all NEO observations is available from NEODys and a list of all minor planet observations is available from AstDys. A table with all minor planets discovered at this observatory is also available.

For the observations, a SBIG STL-1001E CCD camera is used, which was partially funded by the Gene Shoemaker NEO Grant. Data reduction is done using the "Astrometrica" CCD Astrometry Software by H. Raab.

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